Interplex Industries, Inc.

Jack Seidler

Founded in 1958 in Flushing, NY, Interplex Industries has been manufacturing interconnect solutions, complex parts and assemblies for over fifty years. Core comtetence is stamping, plating insert moulding. The company first expanded into Europe with the opening of Interplex PMP in Scotland in 1968. Since then, Interplex has added locations in France, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, India, China, Korea and Malaysia and the United States, continuing its long history of successful global expansion. Since August 2014 is Interplex Industries, Inc. part of Amtek Engineering, Ltd. headquartered in Singapore. As of July, 1st 2015 we act offically as Interplex Group , headquarted in Singapore.

From the operator on the manufacturing floor, to the tool maker in the tool room, to the engineer at the CAD station, the employees of Interplex have one thing in common: They have the expertise and knowledge to develop, engineer and manufacture complex parts and assemblies. That expertise continues to grow as Interplex adds new technologies, products, and services to solve new customer problems and provide innovative solutions.

"Interplex Germany"

Interplex NAS Electronics GmbH

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Interplex NAS Electronics GmbH was founded in 1982 by Dieter Leinberger in Heilbronn-Kirchhausen with 12 employees as a subsidiary of Interplex Industries. Since 1993 the company has been located in Heilbronn-Biberach.

After Mr. Leinberger’s retirement, Mr. Michael Scholz took over his position and became the Managing Director of the German subsidiary. Mr. Scholz has worked for many leading automotive suppliers and has taken his vast experience and implemented this automotive perspective and process within the German team. Today, Mr. Arno Thiele is running the company.

The goal of the German team is to manage the project coordination between the Interplex plants in 13 countries, including the setup and expansion of the following functions: technical sales, project management, project and concept development, prototyping, logistics and marketing. We support the global footprint as Technical Competence Center TCC. With these advancements, Interplex can bridge the gap between the European market and global Amtek and Interplex subsidiaries.

Since 2008, with the implementation of this new business model, Interplex Germany is not only serving the solder bearing leads and medical connectors industries, but also considered as a full-service supplier for mechatronics and plastic parts for the automotive, electronics, medical, aerospace and semiconductors industries.