About Us

Interplex NAS Electronics GmbH

Automotive Telecommunication Medical equipments Consumer electronic Aerospace

Interplex NAS Electronics GmbH in Heilbronn, Germany is a subsidiary of Interplex Industries Inc., New York, USA, a company, which manufactures precision components and a variety of parts spanning many industries. The Interplex Industries group had 22 locations within nine countries throughout the world.  Since August 2014 Interplex Industries, Inc. is part of Amtek Engineering, Ltd. headquartered in Singapore. Together, Amtek and Interplex acting together as Interplex Group as one of the world’s largest precision engineering companies with global sales across 13 countries and over 13,000 employees. 

Our core competency lies in our ability to be innovative in product development and production through the use of our diverse design and engineering teams. Our global footprint allows us to coordinate supply chain management worldwide, which in turn lowers development costs.

From the smallest assembly part, to complex mechatronics parts, we pride ourselves in being a "one stop shop" servicing the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Communication
  • Consumer and Industrial Electronics
  • Medical
  • Aerospace and Defense

We also specialize in prototyping, stamping, plating, automation, injection & insert molding, product assembly, chemical etching, and skiving.

We look forward to entertaining new product ideas and working together with you to combine our many capabilities to deliver world-class solutions and service to help you with a successful product launch.