Our Quality Policy

Quality for us means cooperative process- and product-development and reliable products. Our target is to offer our products and services a little bit better every day, as our customers’ whish. The quality targets of Interplex NAS Electronics GmbH focus on the requirements of our customers and the market.

We connect different systems in the consumer electronics and medical technology. As part of our expansion, we currently specialize on the requirements of the automotive and telecom industries. To discover new, innovative and high-standard solutions is a particular concern to us.

Our quality principle is the following: “as much standards as necessary and as much individuality as possible” to provide an optimum between flexibility and standardization to our customers. The related synergies we use through the PDCA circle for continuous improvement.

Due to the flat hierarchy and the application of the results of CIP, we can fit our processes and structures every time to the current situation, the requirements of our customers and the given market every time.

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